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The Life with IPF eBook is a free resource, available in English, Dutch and Chinese, ideal for anyone who wishes to learn more about idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) - whether you are a person living with IPF, a family member, caregiver or friend.


“Upon diagnosis and at different stages on a patient's IPF journey, accurate unbiased and easily understood information is a vital need for patients and carers. I believe a resource like this compliments the information role of HCPs and support groups“

Liam Galvin, Secretary, EU-IPFF

It tells the story of a typical person with IPF, Peter. Through the eBook, you will accompany Peter on his journey with the disease, see how he copes with the situation, how he manages his symptoms, and learn where he seeks emotional support.

Using Peter’s story, the eBook describes what happens when you have IPF, provides insights on the medical tests and available treatment options and gives tips for monitoring your health, and ways to maintain your care. The overall goal of this eBook is to help you better understand the disease, provide you with information, support, and resources to help you deal with the challenges of living with IPF and prepare you for the journey ahead.



The IPF ebook is endorsed by the EU-IPFF (European Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis & Related Disorders Federation), which represents national patient associations from across Europe.


Don’t miss the opportunity to download the IPF eBook and consider sharing it with your family and friends so they can learn more about the disease as well.