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How is IPF diagnosed?

IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) can be hard to diagnose because it causes the same kind of symptoms as some other lung diseases.1 A medical history, physical examination and test results all help the doctors to make a diagnosis.

To put together a medical history a doctor will want to find out about whether you have ever smoked, your work, your family medical history, drug use, etc..1 A physical examination will give the doctor a better understanding of your lung health, but a number of tests will need to be carried out to make a good diagnosis. These diagnostic tests are shown below.

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Backgrounder: About IPF


Backgrounder: About IPF

Diagnostic tests for IPF2

What is lung auscultation?

Comic Clip: What is lung auscultation?

What are lung function tests?

Comic Clip: What are lung function tests?

Why is IPF so difficult to diagnose?

Why is IPF so difficult to diagnose?


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  2. Wells AU, et al. Interstitial lung disease guideline. Thorax 2008;63:v1–v58.

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